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Magnus Hanso and The Dharma initiative by lboogie

We heard in the episode that Richard was the property of Magnus Hanso. Isn't Magnus Hanso the same man that started the Dharma initiative?

Dharma. To Hindus, the concept of Dharma means social or religious duty. Buddhists, on the other hand, use the same word to connote the teaching or truth of Buddhism concerning the ultimate order of things. Dharma, to Hindus, is a social and moral obligation. To Buddhists, it is a universal truth into the nature of humans and suffering.

Was Magnus Hanso a Buddhist? Did Jacob send Hanso to pick up Richard? Or was it MIB who sent for Richard? My theory is that Hanso was a disciple of Jacob who turned to the dark side. He escaped the island in the 1950's on a mission for MIB. The Dharma group was created to find a way for Smokey to escape the island. Hanso believed MIB’s escape was his moral obligation and that Jacob was the evil. In future episodes MIB will use the results of these studies in his escape attempt. But it will fail. I believe Richard was actually brought to the island by the smoke monster. Like Sayed and Sawyer he lost a love to death. Like Sayed and Sawyer he is a killer. But Richard unlike so many others before him will redeem himself and stop the Smoke monster.

My first post and I'm sure it's far fetched. Don't crucify me.

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