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Please bear with me here as I am still trying to convince myself of this 100%. It has been theorized that Jacob has already chosen his successor out of the remaining Candidates. Iilana (I really don't like her personally) said there were 6 candidates (could we get some originality here? Remember the Oceanic 6?) and my guess she means Jack, Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Sayid and Hurley.

Initially, you're going to poke holes in my theory because Sawyer has already joined Flocke, but as we've seen, you can switch sides (see Richard Alpert).

So let's get to it shall we? Simply, Sawyer has already been chosen by Jacob to be Jacob 2.0. Sure, that's easy to say, but why? First, Sawyer epitomizes everything Jacob stands for. He told Richard that once you come to island, your past is gone. Sawyer came to the island, was kind of a bad guy for a while, but turned into one of the most well liked (or at least respected) individuals on the island. This would show that Jacob was right: people are inherently "good." But it gets better. Flocke said he would leave when he killed Jacob. Last time I checked, he was still on the Island. Jacob said someone would take his place and MIB said he'd kill that person, too.

Think back to "The Substitute." Flocke and Richard were arguing in the jungle when out of nowhere a little blonde boy shows up. Flocke could see him, but Richard couldn't. Later in that epi, Flocke and Sawyer are running around the jungle and who do we see, the same blonde kid, but this time Sawyer sees him as well. Why can Sawyer see him but Richard can't? Because I believe we'll find out that little boy to be Jacob. Now, while it could be all the whiskey going to Sawyer's head, I think he can see Little Boy Jake because he, himself, is now the current form of Jacob.

Little Boy Jake says one thing to Flocke: "You can't kill him now." Hmmm....why not? Because "Him" has already turned into Jacob (he can kill anyone BEFORE they turn into Jacob). And who is "Him?" I believe he's talking about Sawyer and just like MIB couldn't kill Jacob, he can't kill Sawyer either. He'll either have to get his dirty work done for him, or he'll manipulate Sawyer (Jacob 2.0) into letting him (MIB) leave the island.

Just a theory! Let me know what you think!

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