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Momma's Boy by Daman H.

This theory is a sort of explanation of the nature of the relationship between the Man in Black and his mother and the forms taken on by the major entities of the Island.

In "Recon," the Man in Black (in Locke's form) reveals to Kate that he had a "crazy mother" who was "a very disturbed woman." He follows this by telling Kate that now "Aaron has a crazy mother too." This conversation leads me to believe that the Man in Black's mother is still playing a pivotal role in his life and in the progression of events on the Island.

In "Ab Aeterno," after the Man in Black has freed Richard from his chains, he explains that Jacob took his body. And now the energy of his being often takes the visual manifestation of black smoke that apparently has the ability to read the brain waves of the people he comes into contact with. This information is used to manipulate them into helping MiB reach his goal. I suspect that Jacob may have done the same with MiB's mother. Only after releasing her from her human body, her energy became the auditory manifestation that we have seen on the show as "The Whispers." Her energy can also read people's memories and project snippets of their thoughts and dialog to them. I suppose this would mean that the skeletons in the cave are the Man in Black & his mother. Since there was a white stone in her pocket, which seems to be representative of Jacob, it is possible that she once had the role that he was filling on the Island before he overthrew her.

MiB and his mother work together toward their common goals of punishing Jacob for what he did to them, and to free MiB from the Island. And in the same way that MiB can take temporary bodily forms, mom can also appear as people and animals in order to manipulate those that Jacob has brought to the Island.

Mom, however, has the ability to appear off island. We have heard whispers on Kate's telephone & on Charlotte Malkin's autopsy tape. We have also seen Christian appear to Jack. I think this was Mom since MiB is not able to leave the island. I will also venture to say that any time we have seen a deceased character appear in the show, it has been Mom: Yemi, Ben's mom, Christian, Isabella, etc. If MiB could take anyone's form, why did have to go through so much trouble to take Locke's? The rules that he must follow obviously do not apply to her. Mom was also quite likely Kate's horse, Sawyer's frog, and Hurley Bird. I am also tempted to believe that Mom is also responsible for Hurley's "gift" of communicating with the dead. Miles told Hurley that you can't carry on conversations with the dead. It just doesn't work that way. All that's left are their last thoughts. I'm not sure if this applies to Jacob appearing to Hurley. Jacob being free of his body may manifest as something ! more elemental. Water? We did see dead Jacob pouring something into the Temple spring.

Anyhow, that's all I have. This is my first theory I've posted. Thanks for reading. While I was typing it up someone else posted a great theory about Mom being the 3rd "deity." I suppose mine is a little different, but all the same I apologize for the similarities.

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