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Jack The Pilot by Chris Thompson

It seemed a minor revelation in lost's early days (very early days in fact, it was the pilot episode) but yes, Jack Shepherd did in fact take a 'coupla flying lessons' but it 'wasnt for him'.

Now, we have an aeroplane on Hydra island, fair enough it's in bad shape, but I think we all know it's probably there for a reason. I do find it unrealistic that it would be in a position to somehow reverse along that pitiful runway that otherton built (what's with THAT by the way!) but anything's possible.

With the way things are going, our only (known) accomplished pilot (Lapidus) could go out of the show any second, just due to the unpredictable element of the final season, and the fact that he's not an original, so where would that leave everyone? Only one 'candidate' to fly the plane off the island now, Jack Shepherd.

With Sawyer seeming intent on leaving the island by water, Ilana's gang may be have to leave it by air, presuming of course the fact that they do want to leave.

I've been rooting for Jack to be Jacob's replacement, and do think it's likely to happen that he does, but you can't deny it's a big coincidence that our beloved protagonist just so happens to have a bit of aeroplane skillz and theres a disused commercial plane parked on an island no bigger than your local leisure centre.

What do you think?

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