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Given the keep it simple pattern the writers seem to be following, my guess is the the incident caused the island to sink in the flash sideways 2004 time-line but not in the 1977/2007 original time-line on the island (where Sawyer goes down the hole to be with Juliet in her dying moments). In other words I am simply suggesting two outcomes for the same event, the incident. I don't know if the nuke core detonated or not but it appears the incident created a time flash that literally sent everyone in the area back to the future to the original now 2007 time-line. There are several pieces of information that seem to confirm the two alternatives.

First, Miles by communing with the dead Juliet determined that “it” did work; that is the new flash sideways time-line was created in which Flight 815 did not crash on the island and landed safely in LA. We don't know exactly how Juliet determined that it worked but like so many things in life and LOST as some point you just have to accept it. Also, the cgi zooming from Jack on Flight 815 down below the ocean where we see the island under water makes it pretty clear that the island was destroyed in the flash sideways time-line. Considering that this was the next thing we see after the incident I think the writers are trying help viewers down the stretch to understand that the incident did cause the destruction of the island in the flash sideways time-line. Since the writers describe it as a flash-sideways or parallel time-lines it might be analogous to flipping two pennies at the same time and one comes up heads and the other tails.

If this is the case then we have a huge discrepancy between the two time-lines and like it or not a time paradox introduced by the Losties time traveling back to 1977. In the flash sideways 2004 time-line, Flight 815 never crashed and life seems better for some of our heroes (ex. Jack and Hurley) who have seemingly found a level of redemption but unfortunately the island is under water and presumably destroyed. Meanwhile, back on the island 1977/2007 original time-line, the threat from the incident seems abated but because Jack's team warped back to 2007 during the incident we really don't know what if any impact attempting to detonate the nuke had on the original time-line.

My theory is that Jack & Co. could not die at the hands of the nuke in 1977 because they were alive in 2007 and the nuke did not detonate in the original time-line. Possibly all the metal at the Swan construction site literally plugged the hole created when Dharma drilled into the magnetic core. This might have given the islanders enough time to complete the Swan. The magnetic core possibly began to leak energy thus the need for the computer controlled device in the Swan designed to release the energy incrementally every 108 minutes. The undetonated nuke core might have been used as the fail-safe device later employed by Desmond when he failed to enter the number sequence in time.

The two scenarios raise some interesting questions:
1. Since the island has apparently been destroyed in the flash sideways 2004 time-line, it seems to debunk the notion that the survival of the world depends on the survival of the island. Or maybe it was just the magnetic force contained within the island that was the threat to the world and that has been neutralized by the nuke in spite of the fact that the island is now under water. Or maybe the impact of the destruction of the island has not yet been realized in 2004 since the island still exists in the parallel 2007 time-line.

2. Another key question is how will things play out between the two time-lines? First, it's probably worth noting that the two time-lines are out of synch, one in 2004 and one it 2007. Since the 2004 time-line is in the past from the perspective of the 2007 time-line, it would seem that events that occur in the 2004 time-line might potentially alter the 2007 time-line but not vice versus. The problem with this logic is there is evidence of consciousness interaction between the two time-lines as seen for instance by Jack not remembering the circumstances of his appendix being removed in the 2004 time-line and deja vu occurrences when seeing old friends from the original time-line not yet met in the flash sideways time-line. But in the end it seems to boil down to 3 possibilities: either the 2004 time-line becomes reality, the 2007 time-line becomes reality or the two time-lines somehow merge. The interaction between the time-lines suggest some type of merger and my guess is t! hat world survival does depend on survival of the island.

Regardless, it looks like the series is leading to a showdown between Jacob's team and MIB's team on the island and the outcome of that confrontation will probably somehow determine which time-line holds true or some amalgamation of time-lines. Jack seems to be rising to the occasion to take Jacob's place. My guess is that Widmore is back on the island for his own selfish reasons and really isn't part of Jacob's team though he may unwittingly help either side. Will Locke's spirit shine through within Flocke's form to make a difference? Will Ben make the ultimate sacrifice and achieve complete redemption? What does Widmore have locked up on the submarine? Is it Desmond or some scientific device for dealing with the MIB? Or will the MIB as Flocke win the day and find a way off the island? If he does, is all LOST or will it be of no consequence as MIB suggested: “it's just an island, it doesn't need protecting.” (real downer ending :P) Most Lost fans are probably hoping for! an inspirational/up-lifting ending as do I and I'm betting that's what we will get. How the writers handle the time paradox is anybody's guess.

In the end I think we will have seen science work hand and hand with faith to create reality. Free will/choices along life's path made redemption possible or led to dark destinies and good will triumph over evil yet they remain in balance because one cannot exist without the other.

We might not learn where Jacob and MIB came from and the source of their power. Likewise we may not understand how the island got it's mysterious magnetic properties and we might not be spoon-fed the true purpose of the island. We won't get the answer to every specific question but those of us who are LOST will not care.

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