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Sayid is Zoro..... by Matt

After seeing what I've seen lately, and what I've seen in the past, something leads me to believe that Sayid is Zoro and this is all in that universe......Ok, bad joke, but I do think that Sayid is the anti-hero, but good overall.

I do believe that after Dogen's test he did see that Sayid did have some evil in him, but I believe that evil has been with Sayid for well before even coming to the island. That evil within him allowed for him to do what he did in Iraq without feeling too much guilt (except for with Nadia). I think that Dogen has not seen someone with evil within them do good, but that Sayid has always been that way and will continue to do good regardless of what he has to do to make the outcome good (the ends justifying the means). When Sayid died, I still don't know if he was "claimed" by MiB, Jacob, or what exactly, but I think he is still one of the good guys (might be me just hoping that the BA Sayid is still worth cheering for as the good guys). When he tried to deal with Flocke, warned the people of the temple I think that's still the good of him trying to help the many and "take out" the truly bad ones". I also think that him dealing with Dogen and Lennon has some higher me! aning (whether that's trying to infiltrate Locke's group after failing to kill him, or something being up with Dogen and Lennon), but I think it's another example of Sayid doing something sketchy for the greater good. Dogen in the pool could play something important in the future, but I'm not holding my breathe. At this point in the show, I'm viewing Sayid as one of those fork in the road kinda guys, he can go either way, both with strings pulling him, and that he must determine which is right (good) and which is wrong (evil) and that sometimes cutting corners on the evil path shortens the path to good.

This is my first theory post (after reading countless ones on the site I've always wanted to and finally felt the "need" to post mine). If there's something I slipped up in feel free to comment on it. Enjoy. =D

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