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I came up with this idea a while back when I read somewhere that the original premise of this show was that
The Island is the character....I believe Jacob and Esau are his Light and Dark personalities...as Dogen mentioned and
The Loophole has always been for Esau to try and overpower Jacob and escape to destroy the entire world.
All While Jacob has been trying to keep him contained while always bringing different people to the island in the hopes
of finding a replacement before he is destroyed.
Jacob and Esau are playing a cat and mouse game in each world.

What Jacob meant in the episode "the incident" about the progress was he is the side
that is looking for the replacement to take over, but Esau feels that no-one is suitable
to run the island as they are all corrupt and will only eventually cause harm....where as
Jacob wants to keep trying and if they continue to screw up, so be it...as "it only ends
once"....and he can keep trying to find that right person.....then the island skips to another
dimension of the same and he keeps on looking....world after world after world....all the
different flash-backs,flash-forwards,flash-sideways are is different side by side worlds...
Desmond is the only one who can skip between them as we saw in his centric episodes...
If you really di-sect the Desmond Centric episodes, they overlap with different results
as I was tuned into this by reading Vozzek69's book....it makes total sense.

I think that this game is played over and over in the different worlds...sometimes Jacob wins...
Sometimes Esau wins and sinks or destroys the island...then they move on and do it all over again...like a record
spinning round and round.....

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