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I ain't got no body... by ProgLOSTicator

I read alot but don't think I read this anywhere exactly, but if it's been explained before, blah blah blah, you know the drill.

Here's how things might have happened.

Long ago two men crash on the island and they find the temple. A fight ensues in the temple pool and Jacob accidentally drowns MIB. To his shock MIB wakes up later and gets revenge by drowning Jacob in the pool. I think the whole Sayid is drown, then drowns Dogan is a possible clue here. But the island pool only enhances someone's character to the extreme. Jacob being a genuinely good person receives the temple's blessing and the good grows in him until it permeates his whole being. He is goodness epitomized, a being of Light (lighthouse). MIB being mostly negative, with evil thoughts, receives the temple's curse (or infection). The darkness grows in him until he is pure evil, depicted on Lost as black smoke. The same will eventually happen to everyone that was drown in the pool. They will become pure evil or pure good. That is why Jacob keeps bringing the good ones to the temple and the bad ones have to die. He drowns the good and creates more creatures of light while at th! e same time killing people that if drown will become dark smoke. Those that are too much into the grey area he affords a chance to redeem themselves. This is why redemption is so important to the show. Many people want to know: If Jacob's so good why does he kill people? It's because he recognizes that some of the people who come to the island are unredeemable and the only eventual outcome will be that they find the temple and become infected, just like MIB. Bringing him back to square one.

Anyway, as soon as a drowned person reaches the end of their larva stage they lose their human form. But without it they cannot leave the island. They are trapped there forever. This is why they need bodies and this is what is meant by "He took my body and my humanity," as opposed to "he stole my body and my humanity." In essence he TOOK it from him, not assumed his identity.

I'm sure the above scenario is probably not what will happen but the gist of it could explain how Jacob and MIB came to be the way they are. I think we will eventually find out that they were both drowned somehow. In truth I don't even know if Jacob and MIB even know how it works or why it works or what causes it. They just know that it works and Jacob wants to protect it from bad people and use it to make more good entities. MIB wants to destroy it and the whole world along with it.

Maybe Jacob is trying to reverse MIB's curse by getting him to see that there is good in all human beings. As soon as he has a good thought the darkness will start to reverse and he will also become a being of light. Maybe he is trying to find a cure for the sickness of evil. I think Jacob will prove this by having one of the candidates offer themselves up as a sacrifice and let MIB kill them. When MIB sees that said candidate has no evil thoughts or ulterior motives and only wants what is best for the others, he will have no choice but to relent and admit defeat. He will start to get better.

Either that or Jacob's plan is to get everyone off the island including himself and leave no one there besides MIB. Then sink the island. World-ending evil trapped forever. Game over.

Actually just thought of this a few minutes ago while reading someone else's thread about bodies. Thought it would make a good theory. Hope you like it and let the critique begin.

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