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Flash-sideways Explained, so far by Jacob4Jesus

I know there are a bunch of theories on nature of the flash-sideways this season. I hope I’m not repeating too much of what others have posted. I’ve only read some theories that hint at my theory below, but none really articulated. (If you have theorized this exactly, already, then I apologize). At least I can say that I didn’t really feel that the we had enough information to make informed theories/guesses on the flash-sideways until we saw what Sayid went through in Sundown.

So here it goes….

I believe the flash-sideways are consciousness altered versions of the Losties, similar to reincarnation. In other words, my theory is that the end of Season 6’s island story for each of the Losties has been implanted in the LA X Losties, at some point before we saw them the Season 6 premiere. However, as of “Sundown,” this consciousness is not entirely recalled, similar to Season 5’s Desmond not recalling his visit with Faraday at the hatch until several years later (in fact I believe this event is the key to what’s going on in season 6). What we have seen in the first several episodes of this season is the beginnings of this recollection. At some point in the season, I believe the LA X Losties will have ‘Total Recall” and perhaps decide it’s time to “Get There A$$ to Mars” (aka the Island). I’m not saying specifically that this is time travel or parallel worlds, because, as Faraday said (as did Einstein), “time is relative,” or in other wor! ds, time is subjective as viewed by the observer.

But basically right now (as of “Sundown”), the Losties off island are only recalling, in a motivational ways and in bits of de ja vu, the events they experienced on-island in Season 6. So, in a way, what is happening on island in Season 6 are flashbacks to what is happening off island. It’s getting more clear as the off island/LA X Losties lives are revealed. Each person seems very motivated by the island experience and is experiencing instances of de ja vu.

Clues by episode:

Kate has, in a way, learned to quit running and has returned to find Claire and reunite her with her baby on island. Obviously, at this point she is starting to reconsider this, but still is tagging along to figure out what’s going on with Claire. Her love for Aaron and care for Claire was something that bled over into the LA X/off island world and stopped her from running and returned to take care of Claire and her baby. I believe Kate’s consciousness/fuzzy memories from the island caused her to stop running. Kate’s deja vu moment is when she saw Jack outside the airport from the cab.

Jack is even a better example. At the end of Lighthouse, on island, he seemed to be dealing with his father’s problems again, and that Jacob was starting to fix him finally. Jacob’s message that Jack had “what it takes,” is the message that will fix him. We are seeing the “fixed” Jack in the LA X world, and now he is able to step past his father’s shadow and stop the cycle with is own son. (and love his father as seen in his photo with ghostdad in his apparentment). However, clearly it was broken far earlier, in that he had a son in the first place, and was on some sort of decent terms with his ex-wife (who I believe could be Sara). Instead of the paranoid life wrecker that he was in all off island scenes before. His déjà vu moment was his confused memory of how he got his appendix scar.

John Locke is the hardest nut to crack here, and the hardest to relate to my theory. Mostly this is because the Locke in the LA X timeline is a version of the real Locke, while the Island Locke is not. However, we have seen some cracks in the FLocke, where real Locke seems to be coming/breaking through via the creepy kid (in my opinion a young ghost Jacob). His consciousness is in there with FLocke. FLocke apparently has all his memories, and in “The Substitute” seemed to even include some his insecurities. I think the LA X version of Locke is a good omen for how things ultimately play out on the island. Eventually, FLocke will have to contend with the Real Locke who is “locked” away within him. Perhaps real Locke eventually defeats FLocke in this way and fulfills Llana’s prophesy that the one who lies in the shadow of the statue will save them all (that one being dead Locke himself). This real Locke victory over the smoke monster, allows him to get over h! is daddy issues (see his photo with good old dad), and become a new man who is more or less reincarnated in the LA X timeline. This new Locke is willing to accept his limitations, love his father anyway, and stop his stalking to win over Helen.

I also believe this explains the “touch” by Jacob in the Season 5 finale. He not only pushed them to the island, but gave them a little piece of himself, his immortality, to enable them to survive the smoke monster. This had the effect of making himself mortal. Jacob sacrificed himself so that the Losties (touched by him) may live, echoing John 3:16.

Sayid reaffirms my theory, but in a negative way. In Sundown, it really looks like Sayid has gone to the darkside and is never coming back. I think this is indeed what has happened. He seems to be a person very similar to this in the LA X world. He believes he does not deserve what he really desires (Nadia) because of his guilt. This is a complete turn around in motivation from his old character. He’s now a bad man wishing he was a good man, whereas before he was a good man who kept getting pushed into doing bad things. His life in the new reality is full of suffering because he chose poorly on island.

So ultimately, what we are seeing is very close to what was shown in season 1. In season 1, we saw each character’s back story (as flashbacks) so that it informed and motivated their on-island decisions. Now in a mirror flip, in Season 6, we are seeing how their final on island experiences inform their “reincarnated” selves in the LA X world. I just have a feeling that this is what the writers want us to notice and see. At some point we are going to see the realities “merge,” not by some computer graphics/super SCI-FI explosion/event, but by the off island characters simply remembering more of their off island lives beyond simple improved motivations and resilience. As each episode goes, I think this will come more into focus. Ultimately, this means that the island world/story will come to an ultimate end. (As Jacob said, “it only end’s once”). But the LA X world will continue on after the series concludes and so will the LA X Losties.

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