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We are the good people by chalovk

I think Jacob's words about not intefering into people's lives are not
necessarily true. Jacob, like MIB, wants to "win" the "game", and he will do anything to prove himself right. Why I'm telling this? Here:

What if Jacob is able to take control over smoke monster, or maybe he is a part of the Smoke Monster. We've seen MIB in the form of SM killing everybody, but also we've seen SM scanning people. What if scanning smoke monster is Jacob, or it's a smoke monster under Jacob's control. I mean, Jacob is interested in good people, so he checks people and selects the worthy ones. And nothing can stop Jacob from killing bad people, because, they interfere with his game.

And now it became clear all these "we are good people" stuff. Others didn't want bad people in their company, that's why they protect themselves and the cork-island from losties and other people.
Also, they wanted to protect other Others, the most pure people, like kids and Cindy, so they preserved them in the sacred place, temple. And Pure People were needed to evaluate the LOST one. Their "we're here to watch" pilgramage was some kind of judgement, to let Jacob know that there was a change in a bad person.
As for the Others, I beleive, they could never participate in this "I can be good" game.
I beleive Ben's words about the burden of being a leader can now be understood. It's hard emotionally to be a bad person, when you have to be a bad person. Ben understood that he needed to do bad things (kill, kidnap and etc) to protect island and community, so he could never be a good one, in the way Jacob wanted people to be ("What about you"). But Ben should be grateful that he was able to gather around him people that would sacrifice this "being good" label.
(BTW, the moment the Others understood losties were approaching the Baracks they decided to leave, because they wanted to protect the pure people!)

And what about MIB you ask... I beleive he needs noone, no go-between, like Alpert, no group of protectors, to show Jacob that people are unchangeable. But anyway, MIB's already won. People can't change without guiding hand of "Jacob", whatever Jacob is.

Oh, and one more thing. Pure people can remain pure or can become bad. Latter proves MIB's position. But the existence of Pure people doesn't prove Jacob's, because, if they don't change, nothing changes.

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