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The recent revelation, the Island is the cork, got me thinking about the Island's movement. If you've ever spent a lazy weekend floating in the pool, chances are you've had a beverage. If that drink was in a bottle with a stopped, you could leave the bottle floating in the pool. The metaphor of the bottle could be seen as a parallel to the Island's movement as well. The dark pocket, as described, might be untethered, so it lazily bobs around like your bottled drink would. The way the 'bottle' moves would result in seismic activity, perhaps only registered on the electromagnetic spectrum, would be read in the outside world on The Lamp Post's giant pendulum. Watching the micro-trends in movement, the Dharma Initiative developed equations that allow them to extrapolate the future position of the Island with some degree of accuracy.

Continuing with the bottle metaphor, the glimpse of the Island at the ocean's bottom could be what we were shown tonight. When the Man in Black shatters the bottle, a section of the neck, containing the cork, flew off and landed elsewhere. So too, the Island is at risk of being cast aside to the depths of the ocean. In this alternative, everyone is granted a reward commensurate to their decisions on the Island. See my earlier theory, the O'Henry Twist (http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/03/ohenry-twist-by-mrfriendly.html)

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