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Ilana was on the Black Rock by Il Deuce

The more I think about Ilana, I wonder what her backstory is and how she knows so much about the Island. We know a couple of things: She knew the password of "what lies in the shadow of the statue", she knew where the cabin was, she knew where the statue was, she knew where the temple was and even knew about it's secret passage.

This all leads me to believe that she, along with Richard was on the Black Rock. I know the inconsistency with this would be how she did not recognize Richard, but the combination of different hairstyles/looks and over a hundred years could be enough to forget this. I also believe they could have been in different roles, i.e. Ilana part of the ship's crew and Richard a slave. I think when the Black Rock lands, Jacob "chooses" Richard and Ilana and teaches them of the Island, gives them their "gift", etc. If/when all goes wrong and the Black Rock's crew starts getting killed off (probably MIB), Ilana (and Richard) escaped, probably using the FDW.

I think that Jacob's meeting with Ilana in Russia was set sometime in the past, maybe before the 815 crash. He lets her know of the candidates, and how she must help/protect them in the future. At this points she begins planning how she will do so.

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