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Listening to a Jay and Jack old podcast, I found something really interesting Damon said:

Damon was asked what was LOST really about, his answer:

This show is about people who are metaphorically LOST in their lives, who get on an airplane and crash on an island, and become physically LOST on the planet Earth. And once they are able to metaphorically find themselves in their lives again, they will be able to physically find themselves in the world again. When you get the entire show, that's what it'll look like, that's what it's always been about.

For me, this conffirms my theory that the sideways world will be the endgame for the characters. Wether they will remember or not what happened on the island, I don't know. But we have examples of characters who died after finding themselves metaphorically on the island:

Charlie: was able to get over his drug problems, was in a relation with Claire and basically playing daddy for Aaron.
He didn't have to die, we all know that. He could have gone out of there and close the door behind him before it flooded. Instead, he had found himself already, and Desmond said he had to die to help Claire and Aaron out of the island, so he did it.

Juliet: wasn't the Other Woman anymore, she was happy with James and knew she was the one he loved. Told him she loved him, and hit the hydrogen bomb to give him a chance to go back home.
And her case is particular because we were actually able to listen to her while she was going from the island to the "world", talking about going for coffee. Maybe Charlotte experienced something alike, with her whole "marrying an American" talk, pointed by Éowyn_Jade, and she died before realising she had actually found the place she grew up in.

You can think of all the other people who died and see that, in a way, they had find themselves metaphorically before that.

Shannon died after Sayid told her he believed in her.
Ana Lucía died being unable to kill someone.
Eko died and we saw him as a kid next to Yemi.

Does it mean death is the only way to go back to the world? No idea, I'm not Damon nor Carlton, but I think maybe that's why there's a rule about not killing the candidates; and maybe the reason why, it appears, MiB wants them to kill each other.

Not sure if his intentions are good (aka, taking them back home as he said he wanted to) but if taking them home would mean being able to go home as well for him, then I think it could tie nicely.

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