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Good vs. Evil connection to ALT by Bone

I cannot help but to see a connection between what is going on with the characters on the island and the characters in ALT. Those that are currently hanging with MIB seem to be leaning that way in ALT. Sawyer, Kate, and Sayid are current with MIB and are currently leaning toward the evil side in ALT. Kate is running from the law, Sawyer is attempting to find and murder the con man, and Sayid has returned to his murdering ways. The severity of their evil also seems to be connected. Sayid is a mess on the island and is a murderer in ALT. Kate and Sawyer are just hanging with with MIB, pondering their escape, and their characters in the ALT still have time to turn good.

On the other hand, those off on their own or hanging with Llana are leaning toward good in the ALT. Hurley, Ben, Jack, and Miles are doing well.

I'm wondering if the island is determining how people will end up in the real world. They play their roles on the island and choose between good and evil and use their free will. When this is finally over, time will reset and they will follow the paths in real life as they have chosen on the island. Some will end up good and some will end up evil. The struggle between Jacob and the MIB effects real life. As long as Jacob influences more that MIB, the good can keep the majority over evil. If MIB gets the upper hand, then the world becomes more evil. Apparently one can act up on the island, but have free will to ask for forgiveness and change sides, as Ben did.

The way this ends might not be with a replacement of just Jacob, but with a replacement of MIB as well. Perhaps when all is reset, Sayid becomes the new MIB and Jack becomes the new Jacob and they both start over several hundred years ago. What if during the reset, MIB ends up being born as Aaron, but has his body later stolen by Jacob. Sso Aaron's soul is evil and ends up in a different body and Aaron's body ends up Jacob. I believe MIB said something about Jacob stealing his body. I guess this would mean the bodies in the cave are Claire and Aaron. It's a little fuzzy at this point.

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