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For weeks now we have heard Flocke talk about going home. We all assumed he wanted to go into the Temple.

We then learn that he wants to leave the island and never look back. While recruiting people to go with him(Saywer,sayid,etc.) we see another group obviously on Jacobs side regroup at the beach.

These prople unknowingly have someone spying on them from the ocean.....Widmore.

Now i know what you think, this is another Widmore has come to give Flocke a ride home theory....no.

I beleive that Flocke and his followers are on the Hydra Island to use the PLANE!!! Aijira Flight 316, will be flown by none other than Flocke himself.

Why? How? The reason is simple= The original pilot was killed by Smokey for the purpose of using his body/mind/knowledge to fly himself off the island and finally go home!!!!

Think about that.

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