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My first theory -- I've been reading for a while and have yet to see this theory posted. Maybe it's buried somewhere. I'll attempt to strike a balance between speculation and fact.

On December 30, 2004 Ben turns the Frozen Wheel causing our Losties to skip through time. If you look at the progress of the presumed dates they skip through, you'll uncover an eerie pattern. Most flashes caused people to arrive on the Island. A few flashes I can't explain, but I think they'll be shown as the season unfolds.

Timeshifts are unpredictable and so are their results. When a timeshift occurs the sky turns white and a deafening sound is heard. This is similar to Desmond not pushing the button, releasing the energy and crashing Oceanic 815. These shifts create an opening in the Island's protective barrier and may pull people towards the Island within a certain window of time around that flash. I'm not certain that each timeshift MUST bring people.

I gathered and modified my TimeShift-TimeLine from Lostpedia. http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline:Time_shifts


1st Flash - 2001-2002(estimate): Locke looks up at the sky and sees the Nigerian Beechcraft crashing to the Island. This brings Yemi, the heroin, etc.

2nd - Day 4 of 2007(After Ajira 316 crash): This day Flocke/MIB tells Richard to tend to time-traveling Locke's wound (Ethan shot him in the first flash). I believe this causes the window for Ajira 316 to crash. It's 4 days after the crash, but this could be within the window. Remember Faraday says off-Island time is running differently than on-Island.

3rd - 2001-2002(estimate): Locke sees the Beechcraft engines still smoking. Possibly no one is drawn here because of the close proximity to the 1st flash.

4th - Late 1954: They flash to the Others camp and see young Widmore, Eloise and Jughead. I can't determine who this flash brought to the Island. Maybe the American military along with Jughead?

5th - Nov 1, 2004: Aaron is born. I can't determine who this flash brought to the Island

6th - 2007(After 316 crash): Our Losties see two canoes, one with an Ajira water bottle. I believe one is the canoe Ben and MIB took and the other was used by Illana's group. This flash could explain Widmore's arrival via submarine(S06E07 Dr. Linus). Also I believe MIB's team will be the ones pursuing our Losties in the other canoe. MIB said they are headed to Hydra Island so they'll need canoes. Imagine when MIB notices one is taken, pursues it and watches it disappear.

7th - Nov 18, 1988: We see young Rousseau's team in a life raft. They were drawn to the Island by this flash.

8th - Jan 3-17, 1989(estimate): Jin sees young Rousseau killing the last of her team on the beach. The estimated date is based on the account of how long her team had the sickness before "it" killed them. I'm unsure who this brought to the Island.

9th-11th - Unknown: These flashes happened in quick succession without any clues to their time period. These and the remaining flashes allow the writers to explain the arrival of anyone else. Naomi crashing the helicopter? Dharma finding the Island? Desmond's sailboat crashing in 2001? Could these be bringing The Black Rock, those who built the statue or I dare I say... even MIB or Jacob?

12th - 1977-?: Possibly occurring after the purge. We find the Orchid station destroyed.

13th - ?-1974: The well is built, but the Orchid isn't. Big Time range here.

14th - ?-?: Statue stands, but the well isn't built. Sawyer brought the rope to this VERY early time while clutching it during the flash (anything they touch while flashing travels with them). This is why eventually a well is built at this site, thus creating a huge paradox.

15th - 1974: Our losties are reattached to time during the last flash.


There is enough correlation to realize these timeshifts are bringing people to the Island. Maybe Jacob had control over when in time they would flash. However, I like to believe these flashes are random, without Jacob or MIB's influence and may have created many paradoxes. Jacob/MIB could still steer people into the path of these flashes to bring them to the Island. Either way this period of time travel and our time-travelers changed the whole game, maybe even created it.

I hope this can be used to generate more broad theories about the history of the Island and its timeline. Help me expand this!

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