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After watching Dr Linus last week it was all but confirmed that Richard Alpert came to the island on the Black Rock. I believe at some point before the end of the series we will see an Alpert flashback to prove this.

I have had this idea for a while that Locke was responsible for the Black Rock's current location. We have 3 seperate scenes that we have already seen parts of but all these scenes are taking place at the same time.

Bare with me, Richard is aboard the Black Rock and at that same moment Jacob and MIB are having THE conversation on the beach. Also at that time directly behind them is Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin looking at the back of the statue.

As Locke is down the well he moves the FDW and The Black Rock is pulled onto the island. Miles did say at the time that the last time shift felt more like an earthquake so it would be strong enough to cause this.

I think we will see this happen at some point this season. I can picture the scene in my head. It will begin with a man in a dark room in chains, we dont see his face at first but after some time he will be revealed as Richard. Another man enters the room and roughs him up a bit until some one comes running in the room saying 'Sir We've fouind something' as he runs off on deck we can now see that it is the Black Rock that they are aboard. The Captain will look out into the distance and there on the shore of some strange island they will see a 100 foot tall egyptian statue and the distant sight of 2 men sitting at its base.

At this same moment the white flash will occure and boom they wake up inland on the island.

Just an idea, I really have this idea because I want to see the statue again. Its iconic, thoughts?

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