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Kate is "Convincing" by Brad

Everyone who is touched by Jacob is "given a gift" according to Richard. My theory is that Kate's gift is the power of persuasion .

Early in season 6 (I don't recall exactly which episode) she goes off to track down Sawyer and bring him back to the temple. Before she leaves the temple, she says something along the lines of, "I can be very convincing." This seemed to me like much more than just a throw-away line, and perhaps it is foreshadowing. Now, obviously she did not get Sawyer to return, but perhaps she didn't really use her ability at this point.

Another obscure reference to her persuasiveness came WAY back in season 1. The marshall is on the verge of death, and fading in and out of consciousness. The marshall says to Jack something like, "Did she get to you, too? No matter what she does - no matter how she makes you feel, don't you trust a word that she says." (Vozzek69 references this scene on his page)

One other "persuasive" moment comes to mind: convincing Claire to get in the car with her in the ALT.

I'm sure there are many other examples of her persuasive abilities. Can you think of any?

If she does in fact have this ability, how will she use it? My guess is that she will convince Sawyer to abandon Team MIB and join up with Jack and Team Jacob.

So in essence, my theory is that Jacob gave Kate the "power of persuasion", and her use of this ability will have an impact on the final showdown.

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