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The first two parts of this write-up are mostly in fun, but are riffs on some real (at least to me) theories. Theoretical scattin' follows the flash narratives. Enjoy some of the side effects of my LOST infection.

THE LAST FLASHBACK (Apologies for not knowing screenplay/teleplay standards. This would play before the LOST title sequence of the season finale).

Frank Lapidus's Sydney hotel bedroom on the morning of September 22, 2004. We see Frank sacked out in bed, his uniform on a chair and hanger nearby, and begin a slow camera move to the clock on the nightstand. The camera pauses as a hand reaches into frame from the side and flips the alarm switch on the Widmore Industries digital chronograph from "ON" to "OFF." When the hand pulls away, we see that the digits have just clicked to 815, of course. The camera cuts over to Frank's sleeping face, sideways on the bed, and the hand returns to frame again, index finger extended and pointed directly at Frank's nostril. The hand moves in close, then touches Frank's nose and pulls away. Again. Again. Again, until Frank flinches and instinctively raises his own hand to wave away the annoyance. Frank rolls over and away. We hear a little chuckle from off screen. Cut to the TV flickering on and being muted, then navigation of menus to adult PPV, four movies ordered and a charge of $30 to! the room. Another chuckle. Cut to the minifridge, just enough time to read the rules (you will be charged for each item removed) before the door is opened. We see the hands reach in and pull a half dozen tiny liquor bottles and then shut the door. "Hmmm..." The door opens again and a hand reaches in to grab a Toblerone... pause... then an Apollo bar. Door closes. Cut to wide shot of room from the window wall side to the door side as someone closes the blinds, darkening the room. We barely make out a figure moving toward the door. The door opens a crack as the figure checks the hall to see if the coast is clear, then swings the door open wide, and in silhouette in the door frame we see the mannish figure of Jacob... outfitted in a housekeeping uniform. We hear some appropriate LOST mystery music crescendo, the hotel room door closes, and cut to black to begin the LOST title.

THE LAST FLASHFORWARD (This would play as epilogue to the finale, perhaps after the credits? =).

We see a conference room, the Paik Heavy Industries logo on the wall. There are five 20-somethings sitting on either side of the table, waiting. A sixth figure, a slightly older African-American man, is at the head of the table, back to the group, on the phone. He hangs up. "Allright, everyone. This is it. It's time." He stands up. They follow suit. He knocks on the door and it is opened. They step into a locker room where they are given flight suits and packs to don. As they zip up and in we see their sewn-in tags. Dawson. Hume-Widmore. Kwon. Phillips. Littleton. Shephard. Suited up, Dawson opens the far door and they step out onto the deck of the ship and board a waiting Syd Mead-looking hovercraft. Dawson leans forward to signal the pilot, then falls back and straps himself in. The personnel cruiser begins to lift off and he yells over the rotors, "Time to save your parents!" The camera follows the chopper for a while, panning across the water until... we see the familiar! image of the Island in the distance...


I think including Frank in Ilana's count of six remaining Candidates shores up the math more interestingly than counting both Kwons (even tho Jacob's touch and their wedding vows DO support that). Let's do that math and show our work, shall we? Start with the Numbers...

4 - Locke
8 - Reyes
15 - Ford
16 - Jarrah
23 - Shephard
42 - Kwon

Subtract Locke on account of deathiness. Subtract Jarrah on account of claiminess. Ilana would know that because Ben told everyone that Sayid killed Dogen and Saul. Add Kate on account of number fifty-one-dom.

That makes five... What more does Ilana know? I don't remember seeing Hume or Lapidus (crossed out or not) on the cave wall or the Lighthouse mirror dial. 108's Wallace is crossed out on the dial, so whoever that is, s/he wouldn't be counted.

Has Ilana seen something in Lapidus that we've missed? Has Ben?


OK. The real last flashback of the show (if we can only have one) should be one of Ricardus, aka Richard, back in the day. Play it as history, like the pre-title segment of Jacob and Esau from last season's finale, y'know? I know we're currently being hit over the head with signs that point to Richard arriving in the hold of the Black Rock, but I'm still clinging to the notion of his beginning his Island life before its arrival, as a wanderer onto the Island while it was a desert oasis in Tunisia before its first "move." Maybe the last survivor of a "lost tribe" of Egyptians? Or of a cult based on a sometimes-there-sometimes-not isle on the Nile by Pharos, that would be acceptable. Whatever it may be, I'd like to know, and see how his earliest experience on the Island intersected with Jacob and Esau of those times. Kind of a bust in protocol, but scenes over time, over centuries, would be great.

My fantasy flashforward is something I wanted to see in the pre-titles of this season's premiere. =)

If there IS a final flashforward to be had, I'd love for it to reflect that morning on the beach with Jacob and Esau. Instead of the statue ruins, maybe a DI2.0 station of some kind. Instead of the Black Rock, it's some kind of solar sailer or freighter. Instead of Jacob and Esau... my two favorite men of destiny, Frank (best pilot and go-w-the-freaked-out-flow guy ever) and Desmond (who else is gonna hate being on that Island more?)...? =)

Man, I am gonna miss this show.

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