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I do not need to apologize for stealing someone elses theory because I have read them all and no one has mentioned what I am about to.... Lost, above all the street level differences we know of that are; fate, destiny, time travel, alternate or looping universes, good versus evil, dark versus light, ben versus widmore jacob versus MIB, etc. etc.

Above it all lost is simply solar worship and occult symbolism of the sun!!! The oldest duality in the world - light side or dark side it doesnt matter, both can be good as well as evil, just like you or myself, we have choices that determines our fate pushing destiny aside. Like one man said "our character is our fate" through free will or manipulation the choices we make is our fate and can be at war with what is deeemed to be our destiny(not meeting our potential). My original thought was that Jacob and MIB where personifications of fate and destiny and that was what t! he war was r5eally about, but knowing what I do about the occult, symbolism and ancient mystery religions I can see overall above everything else Lost is light/solar/sun/venus worship. "Oh Lucifer star of the morning". Of course the Light side will win (ever looked at light beer??? why light??? shouldn't it be lite???) in our world today like Lost we are bombarded with light worship, light beer Lucifer or Luxfur the bringer of light or Venus as we should all know rises before the sun every morning ... bringing the light of day.
Apart from that Im not sure who I read the theory from but after great thought the only logical explanation to the sideways flash is the idea that these people are not our original losties but our younger versions of the losties. There where times where we saw two miles' and two lockes (baby miles and the light in the sky from the hatch) I completely agree that the sidways flashes are the second generation looped younger versions of our cast we have seen for five seasons. Somehow their past lives are sowing signs of effecting them, you can draw your own conclusions to your red hearings, it doesnt bother me I know above it all there is only symbolism and Lost is Solar cult style worship, something you would expect from apron wearing and oath taking cults (holly-wood)god bless you all druids or not!!! :)

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