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The basic theory behind lost is that in our realilty people, objects, ideas, or even feelings or events are all connected in some unsensed way. We have words like synchronicity now to describe seemingly unrelated events do somehow have a relationship. For example, I noticed before I quit smoking that whenever I would make up my mind to quit smoking and go to buy the nicotine gum I would run into my cousin Krystal, who I never really see. It got really weird when the last time I bought the gum (last time because I did finally quit- yea me) I knew I was going to see her and to test my theory I actually went to a store even farther from her home and much less likely for her to be in. Guess who I ran into on the way out of the parking lot.

Yep. I thought I was going to pass out. Weirdness. I am pretty sure everyone has had some sort of similar "coincedence" possibly more noticied if more people would pay more atten! tion to details or maybe have better memories. We have discovered through science that photons once split will still react and adapt exactly the same as their "sister" photons instantly when one of them is manipulated even if separated by distance. Stories of this concept in twins or mothers and children. Anyway to relate this theory to lost. Certain people are also linked together in the universe. Our cast of lost is no different. In our flash sideways it is strange that despite a multitude of different circumstances many of the characters are still linked in someway (I'm sure we will see all of the characters in future episodes linked). Jack Shephard and John Locke both caught in a similar situation, with different life experiances and attitudes but both end up helping eachother. On the island in the last 5 seasons, and off the island in flash sideways. Sawyer and Miles, both protectors (security) in Dharmaville and both protectors as police detectives in flashsideways. ! Kate protective friend to Claire.

Imagine that there are certain laws of the universe that no one but god or the creator or Bruce Campbell can change. For example, the fabric of our being. But the relationships or connections can be woven together or manipulated to be very different from one reality to the next. Our inherent self is the same in each reality but our constant ongoing internal battle between good and evil is differently manipulated by external forces some out of our control. Now think of Jacob and "Darth Jacob" or MIB. For some unreveled reason these two men (or whatever thet are) are master manipulators. They can put ideas in one's head, tempt, and "touch" peoples lives. A hint to this would be when we first met Jacob he was weaving a tapestry, much like he is weaving a reality to have an outcome that he wants in the grand scheme of things. Which is why his character is so nonchalant about most things. He is concerned with the general picture and end outcome. For instance he doesn't worry a! bout Alex dying, or Ben's suffering when in my idea of right and wrong if he is the hero and good guy then he should. MIB is however concerned with each individual's suffering. He makes up a lie to keep Claire focused on finding her baby. He comforts the children when they are mourning the loss of the others at the Temple. He shows great feeling and seemingly true anger when giving Ben the speech about how Jacob doesn't care about him as an individual related to why he should kill Jacob. Jacob doesn't seem to care about the details:He cares about the end result. This sort of reminds me of a general who doesn't mind killing a village of innocent women and children as long as he wins the war. The end justifys the means.

So, the synchronicity and relationships between the characters is being manipulated in the reality in which flight 815 lands on the island. Maybe we have feelings for people we meet because we are connected to the other reality and those feelings are based on our experiances in those realities. Jack stopped and stared at Kate at the airport in the flashsideways because he had a moment where he felt strong feelings for a girl he saw at the airport because of his strong feelings he developed in the island reality. Both times Jack and Desmond crossed paths reflected this theory. "See you in another life brother." Haven't you ever met anyone and felt instantly like you have known them for a long time. Maybe you have just not in this reality. Maybe Jacob is using the island reality to manipulate the characters relationships so that he can affect how they feel about eachother in the flashsideways reality. Hence why they locked Kate up in a cage insisting that she wear a dress so ! she would be more attractive to Sawyer possibly pulling her away from Jack for some unreveled reason Jacob doesn't want them to be together. Giving Sawyer the pen to encourage him to hate the man who killed his parents. Maybe Jacob and MIB aren't from the past, but from the future and Jacob doesn't like the end so he is using the island reality to change the future.

I think the executive producers are brilliant and they understand how interested people are in the ideas that everything is related and woven together. As people are falling away from organized religion, and as scientists now left with hands up in the air and many "wtf" moments after experiments leave them spouting things like "the observer effects the outcome" or "instantaneous transfer of information" more and more people on both sides of the religious-science spectrum are coming to notice this unsensed relationship between everything. Maybe when we know it is there we will come up with better language to describe it or even better start evolve, and develop another sense that can sense the connections. I can't even write a word other than sense because I have no way to comprehend or understand what that would entail I have no language to describe it. Imagine describing vision to a blind person. Imfreakinpossible, for now anyway. Luckily we do constantly adapt and evolve ! as does all life on earth. I can only hope that since I am 28 years old I will hopefully be alive for the time that this sense is given a name when humans evolve and develop it. I do think animals have it. For example, take Vincent he's always so calm and just enjoys island life. He is probably the one life form on the island that actually knows what is going on. I hope as we evolve we get our tails back too cause that would be kind of cool--just a side thought.

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