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Figments of imagination by xrayeck

There is growing evidence on "Lost" and growing sentiment among "Lost" viewers that the sideways reality is a "production" of some kind, almost intentionally melodramatic .
I firmly believe that's because the sideways reality was "built" by Smokey using the memories of the Losties he/she/it scanned on the island. I also think this contrived reality is where Flocke is planning on escaping to.
I'm not the first to come up with many of those ideas, but now I'm wondering (based in part on Damon Lindelof's continued insistence that the sideways is every bit as real as the original timeline)if the island is not itself a "false" reality that was built by Jacob. Think about it, the similarities between Thomas' murals and the mural in the hatch, Mikhail's cat Nadia resembling Amira's cat, a lighthouse just appearing that looks like The Lighthouse of Alexandria. All "real world" images that showed up mysteriously on the island, all possibly conjured from the memories of the Losties.

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