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Right to the point. The big motifs this season are mirrors and water. I kept thinking what the hell does water have to do with anything? And then Damon Lindelof's big clue for the finally was "water".

We know Lost references a lot of other 'works'. I watched Donnie Darko today and something I read online from the director was very interesting:
"Those who die within the Tangent Universe (and would not have died otherwise) are the Manipulated Dead (Frank, Gretchen). Frank, at least, is also given certain powers in that he is able to subtly understand what is happening and have the ability to contact and influence the Living Receiver via the Fourth Dimensional Construct (water). All others within the orbit of the Living Receiver are the Manipulated Living (e.g. Ms. Pomeroy, Dr. Monnitoff), subconsciously drawn to push him towards his destiny to close the Tangent Universe and, according to the Philosophy of Time Travel, die by the Artifact." Richard Kelly's interpretation of Donnie Darko from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donnie_Darko

I left some stuff out but water is what is used to contact the living receiver. Who is the living receiver? I want to say Desmond is, or at least the person who understands and can conact either world. This is why he was on the plane with Jack, and then disappeared like Frank in Donnie Darko. I think I fell in love with this because I want Desmond to be the focal point!!

This paragraph also illustrates other things that could be happening in Lost. Is one of these realities suppose to end or the world will end? Is this the end Jacob speaks of and his candidates are the key?

The other interesting point is the manipulated living. These people subconsciously pushing the living receiver to his destiny. Is this Libby, Widmore, and Hawking pushing Desmond to his destiny? Is the island not done with Desmond? Or is that the candidates being pushed to their destinys?

I don't think we have enough information to determine which timeline is in need of collapsing to save the world. I want to say the original timeline is what needs to be destroyed as this is the timeline with destiny pushing our characters. It only ends once, everything else is just progress.

Tear me up.

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