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The Flashless Theory by harambee

My theory has two parts. I'm interested to see what others think. First, on the island and Jacob vs. the Man in Black (MIB). My theory is that the island represents the source of raw energy and information for the very fabric of reality, including however many parallel universe this might include. This explains its ability to move between parallel universes (see below) as well as through time. But the island is a source, not an intentional being. It has to have a caretaker, someone to guide that power and keep things in order. Hence, Jacob. He represents the forces of order in the universe and works to protect the island while at the same time respecting the fact that the island's power can't be used to overcome people's freedom of choice. The MIB, of course, is Jacob's nemesis. He represents the forces of chaos. He really doesn't see the need for these rules. He feels trapped by them. He doesn't think Jacob real! ly does respect free choice with the way he manipulates things and people. He doesn't think the island and its power need to be protected. He wants real freedom for everyone, outside the rules of order. In this way he really sees himself as the good guy in all this. Jacob is the jailer and the killjoy, not him. Jacob believes in law and progress. MIB has a more cynical view.

The second part of my theory: I think that when the island was 'moved,' it was moved between two parallel universes. The timeline did not change, the universe did. This is why I call it the 'flashless' theory - I think the so-called 'altverse' flashes we are seeing this season are not flashes forward or backward at all, but are happening in real-time along with the events on the island. That is, everything we have seen on Lost this season all takes place in the same universe.

This is why I think that when the MIB-as-Locke tells Sayid that he can have Nadia back, he is telling him the truth. When he tells all the people at the temple he'll take them off the island, I think he is also telling the truth. Jacob might protest that people belong in their own universes and there is no room for two Sayids in this one, but MIB would disagree. Again, he doesn't care for such trivial rules. If things continue this way, we may get to see Sayid confront himself in this universe and be united with Nadia once again.

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