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Group Effort - it all adds up by Nick

The title of this theory is Group Effort, as it plays off of a few already mentioned theories that, due to the recent reveals in Richard's past, now seem to pay tribute to each other in tandem. They are puzzle pieces that now fit together and reveal an even deeper truth. So thanks people for the puzzle pieces - you know who you are!

And ladies and gentlemen, have no fear, Jacob is in control!

To start, a recently re-mentioned theor, describes the paradox loop of how the Frozen Donkey Wheel was discovered. Locke, Sawyer, Miles, Juliet, Jin...they found the well. Halfway down, time shifted to before the well was built, and because Sawyer was still holding onto the rope, it transported with them and still lead straight into the solid ground. The statue loomed above the trees behind them. After the Losties disapeared after their final time warp, the rope was left behind. Later, it was eventually found by some curious sole who dug under it, discovered the Frozen Donkey Wheel, and built the well over it. A well Locke, Sawyer, Miles, etc. eventually find and send Locke to climb down. Neat loop! LOST is full of them (compass, diary, the Incident).

The second theory, also recent, piggybacks off of this one: While Sawyer was grasping the rope that lead into the ground, and while Locke was in the FDW chamber, Jacob and the MIB where gazing out at the Black Rock, moored off the coast of the island. When Locke righted the wheel caused one final time jump that landed them (without Locke) in 1974, Miles commented that it felt different - like an earthquake. Think current events, the earthquake off the coast of Chile that caused tidal waves to hit much of the Pacific coast. Think of the Black Rock riding a tidal wave toward the island and the statue. Locke's righting of the wheel caused the Black Rock to shipwreck.

The third theory was mentioned a couple months ago, but now fits into this picture perfectly. Someone posted about the strange coincidence of the time periods Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, etc. arrived at while bouncing around, unstuck in time with the times when other groups arrived at the island. In season 5, we saw Rousseau's team on a lifeboat, Ajira bottles from a recently arrived flight, a yellow beachcraft flying overhead and crashing in the jungle, a nuclear bomb from a recently dispatched US army, a mother giving birth to a baby shorty after arriving on the Oceanic flight, and now, the shipwreck of the Black Rock. It seems quite likely that the effects of the Losties anomalous time jumps exposed the island to the outside world for short periods of time before and after their visits. Specifically, Ben pushing the wheel and unhinging it caused different groups of people over time to find the island. As for the infamous Oceanic 815, I believe the timejumps created the wi! ndow for the plane to find the island, and Desmond crashed it.

Now the new stuff. Jacob had planned for Ben to push the wheel and Locke to right it the whole time. Though MIB, posing as Christian (another debatable, but COMMON theory) may have told Ben and Locke to do these things in order to achieve his loophole...Jacob was playing the MIB the whole time to achieve an even greater end!!

Jacob said that people only come to the island if he invites them. But Ben pushed the wheel, which sent the Losties bouncing around creating the aforementioned doorways to the island at different times. But nobody can come if they're not invited...SO!! Jacob must have wanted Ben to push the wheel, planned for him to push the wheel as the presence of many of the candidates on the island over time hinged on Ben's actions under the Orchid. Obviously this wasn't the ONLY way Jacob brought people to the island (Juliet on the DHARMA sub for example), but I think it's super cool how all these people found the island because Jacob had planned this single event to happen in the future the whole time! And it's a huge sign that Jacob is ultimately in control.

Finally and randomly, Eloise Hawking now seems like a good guy. She said Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, they all had to go back to the island or bad bad stuff would happen - like the smashing of a wine bottle bad. Jacob needed his candidates, and he had Ilana for backup to make sure Sayid was on the flight back, too.

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