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Jin is the Candidate by Sephir0th

Jin is the candidate

- Jin always did what he thought was right, even if it meant beating people up to save their lives. And yes, he let emotion get the best of him when he found that he couldn't have children, thus becoming all bitter with his wife when he probably wouldn't have been if she'd told him the truth (when it was actually Sun that couldn't... and Sun just decided not
to tell him 'til the island, thus leading Jin, and possibly us, thinking he's got super-sperm post-crash-- which leads me to my next point!) (It probably would've helped his initial mood if he wasn't working for her threatening father either.)

- Yes, I know many will throw a tantrum at me saying this, but I'm one of those that thinks Ji Yeon is Michael's daughter -- Just go back and watch how Michael and Sun were focused on,
sneakin looks at each other, walkin in on the other shirtless, in season 1.. not to mention the s4 finale when Sun goes "Oh, Micheal, by the way, even though there's a team of bad guys
lookin to kill all our friends on the island and a big ass bomb on the boat I just boarded, and the fact that you killed
two women and left half-the-show-ago, I'm pregnant. =)" And call me crazy all you want, I keep thinkin the first time we see baby Ji Yeon, she looks a little African American (yes, I'm serious).

- His wife cheated on him with the translator, and months later when she confessed (or when Juliet told him), he still forgave her.

- Jin, if I'm not mistaken, never killed anyone. Sun shot Colleen.

- And not to mention all the other candidates are (were) male.

- Even went to work for his wife's FATHER, that's got to feel somewhat emasculating.

- Gave Sun a puppy.

- OMG and the "Missing Pieces" minisode. Just LOOK at THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPQwawO4jBo

ANd that's not even a deleted scene.. that's a minisode, which the writers consider CANON to the show.

Who's with me? =)

P.S.: I'm just goin with the vibe of the show, I actually love Sun =) But in response to Jacob's little speech of people doing the right thing on their own.. as a rebuttal to MIB, Jin
comes out on top.

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