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The Canoe ShootOut is ON! by Locke4God

We've got our losties at the beach camp.

We've got Flocke's team at the Hydra Island (WHERE THE CANOES ARE!!)

100-1 Says somebody uses the canoes to get back to the beach camp. Team Jacob then flees into the woods, pursued by Team Flocke people. Team Jacob then returns to find their canoe being hijacked by what they think are Team Jacob members, who we actually know are our time flashing losties, and they go after them.

An alternate version, since Ilana likes to shoot, is that Team Jacob returns to the beach pursing a Team Flocke member and thinks that person fled in a canoe.

Either way, it's set up too nicely now with everybody back at the beach for it not to happen at this point.

An interesting note is that Sawyer is the only time flashing Lostie on team Flocke at this point, so he'd be the only one who could exist on both ends of that battle. It'll be interesting to see what actually happens, and how long they can fool us as to what's actually going on. Would Sawyer figure it out even if he was in the rear canoe?

Thoughts or theories on what exactly might take place?

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