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The truth about the ALT timeline by billyjoe3362

First time poster, long time reader. Little disclaimer before i get started, I've read one simular theory like this today, but mine IS different and goes in a different direction, and I in no way copied his. I actually posted this theory on a forum yesterday. I also tried to post on here a few days ago, but i dont know what happened to that.

Lets get on with it. I developed this theory the day before the episode Recon came on. So far this season ive thought all along that the ALT time-line was the future (flash-forwards), and somehow the losties would find a way to reset time and make it where the plane never crashed.

Though this still seems possible, my theories have changed. I believe that the ALT timeline is the losties lives if they had not been touched by Jacob. Jacob never entered the lives of Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Jack, Jin or Sun (i leave out Hurley and Sayid because jacob showed up after they got off the island). The absense of Jacob resulted in the losties NEVER GOING TO THE ISLAND. Instead they flew right over it.

Now, I think for the most part peoples personalities ended up more or less the same. Sawyer is still pissed off (but not a con man). Kate is still a criminal (but quick to help Claire). Jack however, im waiting for more information to draw conclusions. Could the absense of Jacob cause him the have a son when he didn't in the original timeline?

Now sure, there are some flaws, like how did Locke survive his fall if Jacob had not 'saved' him. Im hoping we find out soon. Maybe he never did 'save' him, and Locke was never dead. But the one real question this brought up for me was why the island was underwater?

Then i thought about it, if Jacob had never interfered with their lives, they would never had gone to the island. That would mean they never went back in time to 1974-1977. I think the reason the island sunk was NOT because the losties dropped the bomb in the 'pit of doom' (as i call it), but instead the energy from the 'pit of doom' sunk the island. This is ironic because Jack set the bomb off hoping to reset things, but instead caused the island to remain intact.

In other words, heres the chain of events --- Losties not touched by Jacob >>> Losties dont go to island >>> losties dont go back in time to stop the island from being sunk (by the incident, NOT the bomb).

Also, many other events didn't happen. I.E. Young Ben was never shot by Sayid.

As i said simular theories have come up, i promise i did not steal them an anyway

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