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Did anyone else get a strange sense of deja vu when chained up Richard watched his wife Isabella get carried off by the smoke monster?

I am referring to tied up Boone watching Shannon get carried off and killed by Smokey. "What did it show you?" After the fact, we (and Boone) chalked it up to the "magic goop" that Locke put in Boone's head wound. But I say there is no magic island goop.

This leaves two options. The less likely is that there is a third party on the island working with the MIB.

The more likely? We've seen the smoke monster (see: Dharmaville destruction) split into multiple parts before. Who's to say, then, that it couldn't have split and one part becomes Shannon/Isabella, the other stays in smoke form?

Now, if you don't buy into the fact that MIB posed as Christian to Frank and Sun, told them to wait for John, teleported (like in The Substitute) to Hydra Island and revealed himself to the Ajira people, taking Ben to meet up with Frank and Sun the next day (For the record, I DO believe this, but there are those who think the timing doesn't work. But it does.), then here's your alternate explanation: he was both at the same time.

I'm starting to think that MAYBE, one of the Oceanic Six took something with them that was part of the Smoke Monster. That part became the vision of Christian off-island in Jack's reception area. (I'm reaching now.)

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