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I still don't understand how the 2 timelines will connect but as the last season has started to get into its stride I've had a growing feeling about how the stories in flash sideways relate to the character's lives on the island and Ben's episode seemed only to reinforce this.

Basically, each character has his chance at redemption in Flash sideways, if they pass their own test (without any Jacob/MiB influence) it seems they end up on the side of 'good' (that is Jacob's side). If they fail, then they end up with MiB. In no way is there a literal connection between the 2 timelines at the mo, but I think it's saying that the balance of 'good' and 'evil' in any given character as explained by Dogen in Sundown is unchanging - it is the same in the alternate as it is on the island and never changes. And this point will bring me to MiB's offer to each of the Candidates and what it means for the island and the current timeline.

Let's first take Ben's episode for example. In both timelines, he was tempted by the offer of power - the one thing that has driven most of Ben's evil actions throughout. While digging his own grave on the island - he was offered a return to power by Flocke). In ALT, interestingly, he was goaded to oust the principle at his school and gain power by John Locke as the Substitute teacher as well.

In both cases Ben was redeemed through his relationship with his surrogate daughter Alex. On the island - MiB's offer for him to regain his power was overwhelmed by the sense of loss and having wronged Alex. In the alternate - it is Alex's (as his student) needs for a letter from the principle to get her into Yale that prevents him from fulfilling any personal desire to gain power. And thus - he was redeemed in both timelines and joined Jacob.

In Sayid's case in the alternate timeline, whatever the circumstances - even if he was pushed - he picked up a gun and - in Keamy's case - shot him in cold-blood. And thus, Sayid was overwhelmed by his own demons and darkness... and has ended up with MiB.

I think in Kate and Claire's case - their alternate stories are yet to be completed and I am sure we will see a conclusion to that story (related to Aaron) which will probably coincide with what's going on on the island and the ultimate good or evil in each of them.

The point to this exercise relates to MiB. In each of the Candidates' cases he makes them an offer that appeals to their greatest weaknesses and desires in an attempt to bend them to do His Will. It is becoming blatant that Flocke is lying his bald head off simply to appeal to each Candidate.
The episode I think that made everyone empathise with Flocke was the one where he told Sawyer that he was once just a man and 'loved' and was 'betrayed' himself... In my opinion - now that we have seen what he has said to the other Candidates - I think he said this just to appeal to Sawyer's own sense of recent loss over Juliette - it is a lie to win him over.. as is everything else he has told the other candidates and characters... it is still possible that his ultimate goal is to kill them all - or at least have the Candidates kill each other.

At the end of the day, everyone has questionable moral actions to answer for in their lives. If a character can answer to him or herself - if he/her can come to terms with their own past and be at peace with themselves - then they are truly free and cannot be bent to MiB's will. Hence - why Eko was killed. For all his dark past - he felt he had nothing to confess to Yemmi (who we can now assume was Smokie). Had he confessed, he would have been at MiB's service. But because he didn't - he would have ultimately ended up on the Jacob's side. I don't think Eko was ever an actual Candidate or it is unlikely that MiB would have been able to kill him.

One more thing I'll say about the Candidates - I know Llana has just said in 'Dr Linus' to Sun that the Candidates are to 'replace Jacob' but I think this is not strictly the case. Llana doesn't know herself what the Candidate's duty will be. She is just fulfilling what she thinks is Jacob's Will. Ultimately - whoever replaces Jacob - is there to 'end the game'. Whatever the game really is. And that ultimately is to kill Smokie. Jacob himself said 'it only ends once. The rest is just progress.'

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