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The Final Image of LOST by Eric Scot

WOW - what a show. Perhaps the greatest show ever to be seen on a TV. How many other shows can you do real research on to try and figure out the meanings to everything within the context of the show? Not many if any others at all. My theory is based on many other theories combined together with some of my own thoughts put into them on how this show is going to end. I've said for a long time now that LOST is a cross between Star Wars, Dogma and a few others. With that being said, here's my Final Image of LOST.

The final episode, we'll see that both sides have their players. Think about the game of Tic-Tac-Toe, you can play this game thousands of times and it usually ends up in a tie. However, one wrong move and someone can win the game. Just as we are seeing now, the recruitment is in full swing for both sides. So far, we have Sawyer, Claire, Sayid and some temple people who have joined Team Flocke. Jack, Hurley, Ben, Ilana, Sun and a few others have joined Team Jacob.

To fully understand this.. You have to go with the following.

Jacob and MIB are brothers from the biblical times. I believe MIB's true name is Esau and we'll eventually find this out in an episode that should reveal why Esau hates Jacob so much. Going on biblical references to these two names. Esau is the twin brother to Jacob, although, a bit older because he was born first. Their father, Isaac made the decision to make Jacob his rightful heir even though the older brother Esau should have been chosen. In the bible, Esau showed his true greed which made his father decide to make Jacob the heir instead. This angered Esau eternally and vowed to kill Jacob and find a way to do it since he can't himself.

Esau would be banished to this island so he wouldnt be a threat to humanity and the world because of his greed and hatred. Jacob decided that he would go as well to try and redeem himself to his brother. Jacob knows the only way to stop Esau is for him to ask for forgiveness and realize what he's done OR for him to die. Until one of these things happen, Jacob will live on the island and protect it. Jacob knows that there is a war coming, they have lived it many times over but he also knows it will only end once. The ending result being one of the two above but he needs people to help him with this quest. Special people with special capabilities.

The problem is, Esau also knows these people and ways to manipulate them into joining his side. He promises them what their heart most desires, although, much like an evil genie, his wishes are granted with a bad twist. The flash sideways as we are seeing them is the life that could be given to each of the LOSTIES depending on which side they choose. Jack choosing Jacob's side, he will have a son, have the ability to be a good father and connect with David unlike how his father connected with him. On the flip side, Sayid by joining the MIB would be given a life where Nadia is alive but he can not be with her and even worse, he has to want her while she is married to his brother. Every person who chooses their side would have a life good or whatever their heart desires but not in the way they desire it to play out.

OK, end game. Each side has it's players. The final war will be on and the battle begins. There will be casualties of course but no matter to the winning side, they will be alive again eventually. As the war rages on, Esau's side will gain the upper-hand and we will be led to believe that it's game over for Team Jacob. Lo and behold, Sawyer will be standing next to Esau just as Esau is about to put the final dagger in Jack's heart. Esau hands the dagger over to Sawyer for the final kill. Sawyer takes the dagger, looks as though he will stab Jack right through the heart but instead, turns and stabs Esau and he will die. Sawyer will help Jack to his feet and we'll realize that Sawyer has been conning Esau all along. Jacob will show up and thank both Jack and Sawyer for finally helping the war come to an end. As such, Jack, you will be rewarded by leaving the island a father. He will look at Sawyer and tell him that he has completely redeemed himself and all of his p! ast crimes by saving the world against it's biggest threat.

Sawyer will also leave the island but his reward is for him to have the one thing he truly wants. He'll have a life with Juliet and he'll get off the plane and show up at a little coffee shop and they will smile at each other, kiss and live happily ever after. Hurley will go on to be the luckiest man alive, Sun will be able to live her life being a mommy to Jin's baby. Sadly, Jin will have died. Because Locke was used by MIB to carry out his evil plot, he will be alive once again but have a relationship with his father and getting married to Helen. Sayid will be dead. Claire will be dead. Kate(I think joins Team Jacob) will raise Aaron as her own.

The final image of LOST will be Jacob finally acknowledging Ben and everything he has done up to that point. Proving himself just as Jacob thought he would and as such, he will be rewarded with being the candidate to replace Jacob as the protector of the Island. He'll be able to choose anyone as his advisor, which he might choose Miles. Richard will be rewarded by being able to die and go to heaven. The camera pans back, Jacob disappears and FADE TO BLACK!

I also wanted to include this because I told my buddy Jim that I would. I would laugh quite a bit if Jacob is shown to grow a set of wings and flies off to the heavens and the camera hits a white cloud and LOST.

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