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The cabin by Lost4ever

Given the fact that we now know that Flocke is the S.M and MIB, I was trying to understand as of why Flocke didn't know where Jacob was. After rewatching the incident, Flocke's facial express, when Richard told him that the statue is where Jacob lives, was that of a confused man. How this can happen? MIB was at the beach with Jacob...so why Flocke didn't know where Jacob lives? What did happen between MIB's time and Flocke's time to make him so perplexed about it?

We know that MIB met Jacob at the beach...but not inside the statue. The statue had a secret door so it is possible that MIB never knew that Jacob lived inside the statue. But what was the purpose of the cabin if that's the case?

Jacob never lived in the cabin. Ilana and co. took the tip from Jacob to go and kill the S.M in the cabin. Once they've seen the circle of ash, which was broken, they immediately knew that the S.M was free.

Ilana said "He isn't there. Hasn't been in a long time. Someone else has been using it." She didn't mean Jacob of course because her task was not to find Jacob, her task was to protect. Protect from the SM. So who the hell has been using the cabin and how did she know that the S.M was not there for a long time?

The answer for the first is Rose & Bernard and for the second because of the dog painting. Why Rose and Bernard? Because we have to think that something happened between the DHARMA times and 2004 when we first saw the S.M free. Of course there is something strange with the cabin as it probably moves around in time and space on the island, so when John first went there(2004) the cabin was in another time(probably pre-1977).

So my guess is that Rose & Bernard accidentally found the cabin and accidentally let the S.M free. One can say what the hell was the knife doing in the cabin if those two were living there? That knife was not MIB's. That knife was used by Jacob in order to give the new directions to Ilana as the S.M was already free.

I don't know if the S.M infected R&B or at least one of them and they ended up dead in the caves. But certainly if the above is the case, then there must be a S.M intervention in their way of life.

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