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The Final Lesson by The Scribe

The End of Lost, I believe, will be some sort of morality tale - and I reckon that we know enough now to guess what it will be...

That people can, by their own free will, be good. That is what I believe the ALT reality will show us - by showing us what the Losties will do without Jacob and MIB's influence. We don't need the help of demi-gods to get there...

I believe that the ALT can only come about by the absolute and complete destruction of everything and everyone on the island.

Jack has been searching for his "destiny" and I believe that it will be this. By destroying absolutely everything he will effectively create his "reset".

That would need to be done in the past, however, if it will stop MIB/Jacob from being able to interfere in people's past. So... somebody needs to turn the FDW. I believe that person will be MIB. He will be "tricked" off the island by Jack so that he can "go home". Once off, however, Jack will -somehow- send the island back into the past... once there he will do something to sink it and kill all its inhabitants. I believe that this is what Jacob wants to happen, too, as I believe he realises now that this is the only way forward other than MIB's total destruction of Earth.

Off-island, in the ALT, we'll learn that Jack is indeed hooked up with Kate (although how she gets out of her jail term I don't know), Locke's back is fixed by Jack, Sawyer will be with Juliet, Desmond with Penny, Sayid will be with Nadia, Sun with Jin, Claire with Charlie, etc. Everybody will get their happy ending. Destiny is fulfilled...

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