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Thoughts on Smokey by Marcus

Hi folks, this is just some thoughts I had on the Smoke Monster.

I think Smokey can split into multiple copies of Locke. There was some evidence for this in the substitute. In the episode, we first see Smokey travel a long distance to the Barracks in an effort to recruit Sawyer, note the distance between Sawyer and Richard here. Ok, when he arrives at the barracks and is staring at Sawyer through the window, note what track is playing on the record player. We then flash to the Richard scene, where he first tries to recruit Richard, but fails. When we arrive back at the Sawyer scene, again note the track on the record player. It’s almost a continuation on from that same song earlier. I think this was deliberate and a major clue. What happened was, the Sawyer scene and Richard scene both happened at the same time, and to achieve this, Smokey had to have split into two Locke’s.

Remember that large distance between Richard and Sawyer? How could Sawyer, by CHANCE, bump into Richard on his way to the cave?

This can be explained by Smokey having the need to link up with his other self who is with Richard. Smokey 1 is leading Sawyer through the jungle, towards the cave, but his route takes him towards Smokey 2 first. Smokey 2 was with Richard, but is now making his way towards Smokey 1, and crucially here Richard is following him, so it’s inevitable, that Sawyer and Richard will meet. Both Smokey’s then merge into one off camera.

Why can’t Smokey leave the island?

He’s certainly had the chance; I’m almost 100% certain he knows about the FDW, it will definitely be in Locke’s memory. So why can’t he?? I believe that since MIB does not have a body, he needs a high electromagnetic field in order to exist. I’m talking about massive amounts of electromagnetic energy here, which far exceed those found on earth. The islands exotic matter provides this high electromagnetic wave, and can be thought of as MIB’S vehicle, allowing him to move around the island.

Thanks for reading. )

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