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Jacob is not Jacob by Joshua S. Smith

It is pretty obvious now that Jacob was not in the Cabin all those times...it may have indeed been Smokie. Do not be surprised if Jacob is someone different in Richard's flashbacks. That he looks nothing like the Jacob we have seen. It appears that Smokie took Christian's body and then buried it somewhere. And possibly Miles has heard Christian but does not know who he is. Fake Christian then influenced Locke to do what is necessary to get him off the island. He also has left a note for Richard in the Cabin that Locke would have to die to bring the people back which Richard thought was Jacob's note. But they indeed are not. It doesn't seem even Richard can "see" Jacob. He has merely been following orders from Smokie and he didn't know it.

And remember Richard never saw Jacob in the temple, he was outside. There has never been a reference to what Jacob looks like, even though he is such an important person. This i! s because Jacob is someone else. Someone else pretending to be Jacob (a la Fake Jacob, just like Fake Locke excepts this person is a con man not some Smokie thing) to protect the island and possibly the people on it. He is looking for a Candidate because he knows he will die somehow, possibly because he learns of this as a child who was on the island. Causing new iterations, new changes for the constants.

Which then alters environments. For some reason I believe that when "Jacob" showed up at all these moments for candidates to apologize it is because he has to put them through the same sad sequence of events to get them to the island and try new alterations to see if they can stop Smokie this time and become a candidate. The HUGE clue may have been when "Jacob" is sitting on the island with Smokie watching the Black Rock and the MIB says the same thing happens everytime, the come they kill and they die...and Jacob says but anything else is just progress. He means progress ! in terms of making "THE ULTIMATE CHANGE" that is necessary whi! ch would result in a new candidate to replace him. That is why MIB says you brought them here because Jacob knew he had to unfortunately bring the Black Rock to the Island and recruit Richard.And the person that recruits Richard at that time, may not even be the same Jacob!

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