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The ending? by flaming_arrowman

So this is a theory that I have been thinking about since the beginning of the sixth season, it concerns the ending of the show and how I think the on island timeline and the flash sideways timeline will interact. I'm sorry if this has been suggested by others on here. This theory does not seek to explain how the alt universe was created or any of the paradoxes.

I believe that the on island events will have a dinstinct ending and this will come about with both replacements for Jacob and Flocke coming from the list of candidates. I believe that both Jacob and Flocke need to find replacements. This I believe can be seen in the Dr Linus episode where Flocke offers Ben the role of staying to rule the island. Jack would be a perfect candidate for the role of Flocke and I believe that Sawyer would make an excellent Jacob. If we are to believe that Jacob is good and has the best interests of the island at heart and that Flocke is his opposite then the idea of Jack and Sawyer being the replacements makes sense to me. Though Sawyer currently wants nothing more to leave the island he has found hapiness on the island with his relationship with Juliet and closure on the murder of his parents. I don't know how but I think that Sawyer wil realise this and come to understand the importance of the island. Jack on the island has however had nothing ! but dispair and it has caused him much pain. This could include both his failed relationship with Kate, the removal of his appendix and the feeling of being responsible for the death of many other charcters.

So I believe on island that whoever the replacements are will begin to have the roles of Jacob and Flocke. The ALT timeline will see various characters getting the happy ending to their stories however through a series of events the two replacements will find themselves on a plane that will crash on the island which wil show that the destiny of these two characters will always be to become the duality that the island needs. So the last scene I think will be Jack's eye opening and then him walking down to the beach where it all began and meeting with the other replacement.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing what you think.

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