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The Dress by mihir

I have been obsessively checking this website for its excellent collection of recaps and incredibly rewarding fan theories. Out of all the things I have to think or say about this show, I decided that I'd like to submit something I thought of while watching tonight. It isn't anything serious, as I'd much rather not write about the theories I have about the big picture nature of the show, but maybe you'll be on board for this one.

I hate to pry on any sort of "relationship" territory, but I believe that the relationships between our characters are very interesting and telling. I realize that there are people who are into the relationships between Jack, Kate, Sawyer, & Juliet and those who aren't. I've always been able to acknowledge the significance of the interplay, but I never glorified it to any excessive extent.

That being said, I want you to think back on tonight's episode titled, "Recon," and take yourself to when Sawyer looks at the dress in the cages. Any casual viewer of this show can assume that he is recalling the time he spent with Kate in the cages when they shared some intimate moments in captivity. However, upon seeing the way he reacted to the dress, it didn't seem like he was reacting to the memory of Kate. We know that Sawyer is fond of Kate and underneath his newly hardened exterior, cares for her dearly - but the gesture on his face while looking at this dress said something different.

If there is anything this show allows us to do, it is to speculate the hell out of the smallest and largest detail presented. What if the dress was never Kate's to begin with?

We know that Ben had Tom/Mr. Friendly give Kate the dress a few seasons ago, but what if the dress belonged to Juliet of 1977?

It's a pretty rough and speculative theory, but I think that it would be very interesting and very hard-hitting if this were the case. I don't think the producers would ever address or confirm anything like this, as it is just something we postulate with what we've got - but I'd like to think that maybe it's true.

This connects the dress across timelines if it is applicable. Juliet owned the dress, the dress passed on, Ben had it in his Dharma collection, Ben had Kate put it on, Kate had it on, Kate took it off, Kate and Sawyer spent a night in the cages, etc.

If you really want to bring it all the way around, it's the equivalent of Kate and Juliet both operating on Jack whether one was sewing him up or the other was taking his appendix out.

Perhaps this is just a load of crap, but while watching tonight's episode, I wondered if that of all things could even be possible.

Like I said, I don't think these romances are incredibly relevant, but I think they provide pleasant insight on the affairs between our main protagonists.

Thank you for reading.

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