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Dogen Was Dead Before The Island by The Goatman

Dogen died in the car crash with his son. Jacob saved Dogen's life and asked of him to guard the Temple in return for saving his son's life. That's a reasonable offer given what Jacob had done. That may answer the question of why Dogen could keep Flocke out of the Temple. Dogen is a zombie light(saved by Jacob). Sayid is a zombie dark(saved by MIB).
That might also be a loophole that Flocke worked his way thru. Dogen, a candidate saved by Jacob, could only be killed by Sayid, a candidate saved by MIB. Therefore allowing him entrance into the Temple.
The reason Dogen appears to know more than Ben or Richard is because he keep up the facade of a language barrier between him and the Others. Ben and Richard could cuss and discuss with each other. They never got familiar with Dogen because they never knew what to make of him.

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