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My Myth

1)After the cuban missile crisis, close to world catastrophe, the world superpowers visa via the UN security council decided to commission a study looking @ the probability of a world-ending-calamity. They tasked Valenzetti with determining the outcome. Valenzetti's intricate mathematical model determined that the world should have ended in 1962 as indicated by the 6 core environmental, or human results: 4-8-15-16-23-42. He submitted this conclusion to the UN security council, and was later dismissed, and discredited for reaching at an obstensibly absurd result. Clearly, the world had not end in 1962, like Valenzetti predicted.

Perplexed, Valenzetti consulted another great mathematician, Mr. M. Mr. M through his own mathematical model showed that something must have set off a quantum temperol fracture. In one branch of time the world had ended, but in this timeline the world was course correcting to its end. In other words, the world was overdue to end, and soon. Valenzetti resubmitted another report to the UN security council, but it was dismissed without any consultation. Frustrated Valenzetti gave out the report to anyone who would listen.

2)The report reached the desk of Alvar Hanso. Mr. Hanso recognizing the urgency of finding the temperol anomaly remembered his great grandfather's logbook from the Black Rock. In it, it discussed an island outside of time, and listed various strange properties of the island--the inhabitants never aged or got sick, strange weather, and electro-magnetic peculiarities. Mr. Hanso hypothesis this to be the temperol anomaly.

3) Alvar Hanso, Valenzetti, Mr. M, visited the island to learn more about its unique properties. From their results they drew up a draft on how to temperorarily stabilize the temperol variable.

4)The plan was to bring an extremely powerful psychic to the island to amplify her powers for predicting future events. Furthemore, a teleportation device was devised to expand her tele-kenetic powers across the globe. Thus, if a world ending scenario was predicted, she would be able to intervene and change its outcome. This would allow the researchers more time to study the temperol anomaly, and its impact on the core environmental numbers, and perhaps find a permanent way to stabilize the temperol variable. However, for her powers to be amplified, it required her to be physically integrated into a cybernetic link, and immersed in a nutrient-enyzme enriched bath chamber. Thus she would be physically catatonic as her consciousness explored future horizons for apocalypse.

5) Ms. X, a renowned pyschic was brought to the Island. But shortly thereafter she probed the minds of her guardians and learned her fate as a waking dead temperol sentry. She immediately escape the DHARMA compound.

6)Ms. X found refuge with the natives of the Island.

6) The natives growing increasingly irrirated by the disruption of DHARMA upon their habitat decided to wage war against them. However their primitive weapons were no match to modern steel and weapons of war at DHARMA's disposal.

7) Empathathetic to the plight of the natives, and resigned to the fate of humanity, some DHARMA members decided to join the native faction. Their rationale was that humanity was doomed by technological warfare, and it was only logical to learn to live in a primitive society away from the ensuing apocalypse, and its morally corrosive technology. The group consisting of the natives and former DHARMA member and were known as the HOSTILES.

8) Ms. X aided by the natural properties of the islands was able to tele-kenetically coalesce microscopic volcanic and magnetic gaseous molecules into forms of various size at her command. This smokey-black tele-kenetic shapling was the main offensive and defensive weapon deployed by the HOSTILE. To counter this tactic, the DHARMA build sonar fences protecting their encampments.

9) A deadlock was reached by both groups.

10) During the deadlock, Ms. X fell in love with one of the natives, Mr. X, and was impregnated.

11) Her pregnancy was difficult, and weakend her tele-kenetic powers which led to a power-shift towards DHARMA.

12) Hoping to have her baby in secrecy, and away from danger, Mr. and Ms. X decided to give birth in a cave as was the native custom. Shortly after giving birth to their son, Jacob, in the cave, a DHARMA force discovered them. Mr and Ms. X were terminated, and Jacob was relocated to the DHARMA camp.

13) While at the DHARMA camp, baby Jacob was studied to determine if he had psychic powers. To the delight of the researchers he did indeed have extraordinary powers. The researchers proceeded to indoctrinate Jacob into the golden path of DHARMA.

14) after completing his indoctrination lessons, Jacob replaced his mother in the cybernetic enzyme chamber.

15) While in the chamber, Jacob discovered what had happen to his mother, and joined forces with the HOSTILES.

16) The purge occurs.

17) The hostiles discover Jacob's enzyme chamber, rever him as a God, and build a temple around the chamber.

18) Jacob's anger was directed against DHARMA, so he continued to course correct for future apocalypse. However, each time his consciousness course corrected, it had the side-effect of drawing people's fate towards the island. Rousseau's research ship, Desmond, and Henry Gale were all side effects of Jacob's course correcting the universe. The last course correction was the 2004 World Series--The Red Sox were never meant to win the world series. The latest course correction bringing people to the island was 2007--The Red Sox were never meant to win the world series!!

19) Jacob is able to time travel like Desmond.

19a) Travelling to the distant past the Egyptian Islanders revere him as a God, and build the four toed statue in his honor. They believe him to be Tawaret.

20) Jacob in his chamber, exploring future horizons without any constant, goes mad, and develops a split personality. His dark side manifests itself as the MIB.

21) The dark half (MIB) wants to leave the Island, and the chamber.

22) The good half (Jacob) feels obligated to remain on the Island, and continue to course correct, and save the world from apocalypse.

23) The boy with the blooded hands is the union of the dark, and light half; or Jacob par innocence; or Jacob as he was, before the sickness of insanity.

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