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I was right last week that Kate would end up with Flocke's group. I thought they would capture her but she joined on her own "free-will." Flocke reminds me of the serpeant in the Bible...the persuasive snake who convinces people to do things(snake convinces Eve to eat the apple who then convinces Adam to eat the apple, both disobeying God)...does this sound like what Flocke did to Sayid?

It looks like Locke will be ressurected somehow, but I do not think he will be "infected" because he was killed off the island whereas Claire and Sayid were both shot and killed on the island.

I believe we will see Flocke and Locke in the same scene together and Jack may have to decide on which one to trust....the almighty serpeant (Flocke) who promises to take him off the island or his long-time foe Locke who will convince him to kill Flocke and protect the island. Also, as I said last week Flocke will use Kate as leverage to try and get Jack to join his group. Also, I think Sun will leave Illana's group in an effort to find Jin in the jungle. And she too will ultimately be caught by Flocke's group. So, on Flocke's side, we will have Sawyer, Claire, Jin, Sun, Sayid, and Kate vs. Jack, Hurley, Ben, and possibly Locke.

Also, Did anyone wonder why Jacob did not try and talk to Sayid? But now that I come to think about it the only people that have seen Jacob ON the island are Flocke, Ben, and Hugo? Maybe Dogan but I don't think so. Anyways, blog on!

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