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Once again, thoughts on Number 23 by TheFlow

A short theory this time.

When I was looking at the airdates of Lost, I realized, that the first part of the Pilot was first aired on Sep 22nd (2004). And the Final episode of S6 will be aired on Mai 23rd (2010).

Could it be, that there is more behind that?

Some speculation: with the pilot of "Lost", universe #22 ended, #23 began (at least for "23 - Shepard", a.k.a. Jack). When S6 ends, universe #23 (WHH) will end and #24 will takes its place.
Remember, that Jack was sitting in row 23 on the plane in S1 (in the WHH) but in row 24 in FSW in S6.

Is this maybe his counter for some kind of reincarnation?

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