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Dharma sunk the island by blackrockman

Here's the thing,

Ben remembers being on the island but during the incident he was with the others.So something else must have happened.

I think that in the sideways world the Losties never went to the island.Only Dharma went to the island and sunk it...that's what happened.I assume jacob will somehow travel back in time before the island was sunk and touch the losties so they will come to the island and PREVENT it from sinking.

To put it more clearly,the sidewys world is what originally happened-which is dharma found the island,went there to do experiments and eventually caused the island to sink.
What we have watched for 5 seasons is the second timeline in wich jacob interfered with lostie's lives so they can come to the island,prevent it from sinking with all this chain of events that we saw and finally do whatever wants them to do.

In other words,Jack made it!He changed the past[the island didn't sink]and another timeline was created-the one we've been watching all along.

That's it...happy to hear your thoughts.


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