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Jughead Never Exploded by Jason Eddy

I am getting tired of all these theories of Jughead sinking the island or creating the flash sideways. I dont think that Jughead even exploded. Prove to this is simple. They cant kill themselves!! We have now seen that Jack tried to kill himself as well as many of the other characters( Micheal,Locke,etc.)and we now see that the island wont allow you to kill yourself. This is why I think that when Juliette kept hitting the bomb and it never exploded because she cant kill herself or the other candidates. I believe that the flash we saw at the end of season 5 was simply the magnetic energy being released which made them travel to 2007 where we see them now. They did drill deep enough to cause all that metal around them to be pulled into the hole and it seems like it could have built up over just a few minutes and cause them all to time travel one more time. I believe that they eventually used that piece of Jughead! to create the failsafe system. That is what blows the hatch in season two. So, jughead didnt sink the island. I believe we will see eventually what really did cause it to sink but not Jughead. More proof is that the Barracks, swingset, etc are still there on the sunken island which would have to mean that it never exploded. Nothing would still be on the island if a bomb really went off. Just my opinion. Feel free to comment

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