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Let me start out by saying that I have been watching LOST since day one. I watched two minutes of it and turned it off immediately. The reason? I was on a treadmill, saw a guy get sucked into the engine, explode into millions of pieces, and said "I want to watch this at home, not on a treadmill at the YMCA". How right I was.

Since this is the first time I have ever posted anything in these past 6 years, I will be brief-ish.

I have not read anyone post two theories I have had for a very long time, and something I noticed but seems no one else has in The Pilot (pt 2).

1) Desmond (from season 5) eventually returns in season 3 when sun says "boat".

2) Locke and Aaron were switched at birth.

This has a little more to it than the first theory.

I belive that JACOB switched Aaron and John Locke when they were newborns as a way to counter MIB's assuming John Locke's true body.


Here is how I think it happened:
First, someone makes an agreement with Rousseau to steal Aaron in exchange for Alex. Rousseau then steals Aaron from Claire. Richard winds up with Aaron from Rousseau (or the person that made the deal with her). Richard takes Aaron and swaps him for Locke. Keep in mind that Locke's mother was NEVER ALLOWED TO SEE HER CHILD AS IT WAS RUSHED OUT OF THE ROOM. John is then given to Claire as if he were Aaron. He is then taken to the real world, once Claire ditches him to shack up with Christian. John is then raised by Claire's mom?


To prevent MIB from assuming the body of John Locke of course! MIB is inhabiting what he assumes is John Locke, but even John Locke did not know that he was not John Locke, as he is really Aaron!! The saddest thing? Aaron is NOT special, Locke is. This whole time he thought he was special, talking about his destiny, but he is not at all special. Well, he was, but just because he was the SUBSTITUTE for the truly special child...John Locke. So, if Terry O'Quinn's character has been Aaron this whole time, who is John Locke?

Locke is Jack's nephew.
Locke is Christians grandson.
Locke built his own crib.
Locke rocked himself to sleep.
Locke looked into the beam of light as if he were being born, and
Plus, how much irony is involved with Claire knitting a sock for a baby who won't be able to use its feet? I think alot!

3) Has anyone noticed that the psychic that tells Claire to go on the plane was on the plane??? Season One - The Pilot (pt 2) 4:10, the guy looking up at the stewardess running after Charlie on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Yes. It is him.


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