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As there seems to be growing confusion as to which "Kwon" Jacob is referring to in his list, I start to wonder more and more about Sun and Jin's baby.

The child was conceived on the island, and successfully birthed (though not on the island). Looking back, there was such an issue about women being able to birth babies conceived on the island... perhaps that's why it was so important to fix the issue, the babies were supposed to be the candidates to replace Jacob, but no babies were being born. Therefore Jacob needed to bring alternative candidates to the island.

Babies are innocent, and can be molded...the current candidates have been burdened by the opportunity of choices...Sun and Jin's child would be the perfect, innocent candidate.

And since Illana still considers there to be "6" candidates, even though Locke can clearly be crossed off of that remaining 6...perhaps Sun and Jin's baby rounds it out?

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