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The Incident wasn't THE Incident... by Curt

Now, we now that Season 5's ending - The Incident was to blow up the Swan before it would be built and hopefully put time into a reset - Flight 815 would fly over the island that did not have a Swan to go haywire, shoot some kind of magnetic pulse up and slice the plane in half....

However, go back and watch the Swan Orientation film:

Marvin Candle clearly states that AFTER the experiments in magnetism, there was an Incident... so something else happens.

Now you say - well that can't be, its part of a different timeline, is it???

Candle hand is damaged because the drilling structure collapses on it and we are to assume its either damaged and can no longer move or he loses it and its replaced with a fake hand. In the orientation video that the Losties BEFORE they cause the nuke to explode, before they travelled back to 1974-1977, they see a video were Candle's hand is already damaged...

So this means that they are already part of a "Causality Loop" and time is already repeating itself - they already been the island in the past before the plane ever came to the island in the first place, crashed and they discovered the hatch - these events have already happened...

So are we looking at what may be a Causality Loop all the time, the island is stuck and has been repeating over and over and it is the job of Jacob and the MIB to find a way to stop the loop and set time back to its correct path, but they have replayed this senario over and over so many times, that the MIB has grown tired of "it always ends the same" and Jacobs "Progress" and wants out.

MIB is leaving the island - but he's going through time, not physically leaving, why does he need recruits? Perhaps he needs people to operate the necessary equipment at the Hydra Island to accomplish this?

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