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My theory is simply that Lost is a book that isn't quite finished yet.

I believe the largest clue to this is the amazing amount of books that have been referenced on Lost, over 75 of them!

I also think that not only could Lost could be A book but a series of books with each season being it's own book.
When writing this theory I had a crazy thought that the last scene after the end of Lost could be a writer typing his last words on his laptop and maybe the book's writer could be Stephen King, I've heard he is one of Lost biggest fans!
However stating that I think Lost could be a book doesn't really say how think the story of Lost will end.
I believe in the story of Lost that there are many worlds and right now the Island one is the only one that matters and in that time line the Man in Black must be destroyed or the island world and every other one could possibly be consumed by darkness.
I don't think the future of the Losties is looking too good, at least in the island timeline. I believe the Losties will sacrifice themselves to save not just the Island but the whole universe from the Man in Black.
How do I think the sideways flashes come into this? I believe they are showing us one of many possible worlds, (this one specifically where Jack's plan did work)and when the Losties sacrifice themselves they will be even more a part of the sideways universe.
I do hope that if they do all die or some of them that they truly feel like they have redeemed themselves and that they truly realize what their purpose was for coming to the Island.
Thank you for reading, this is my first theory. I'm sorry if something similiar has been posted before.

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