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The only place home exists... is in their heads.

Although Claire may act crazy from the perspective of the Oceanic 6 memories I'm certain she is telling the truth. She has very real memories of being pregnant. Her reality is that the others took her baby and when Kate told Claire she raised her baby too she wasn't lying either. Confused? Don't be, here is the supporting evidence but first there needs to be some clarification. To define this in the physical sense our losties time travel experiences aren’t linear in "their" Universe, remember its only their consciousnesses that are jumping and that they jump into other bodies in other Universes (otherverse). The writers showed us this through Desmond in the episode "Flashes before your eyes". Faraday explains to Desmond that its only our consciousness that get dislodged in time/space and as the flashes occur we witness something Desmond can't and that is watching his mind go somewhere else while the body goes limp. So when we see our losties in the other verse’s, their b! odies on the Island lay motionless. That means when everyone flashed either Claire remained awake and witnessed the others taking her baby or she flashed also but not in a group and someone took her baby in the otherverse. Either way Claire’s baby is missing and either this is some type of alien abduction or I suspect Aron is still safely on the Island somewhere. Kate did in fact raise Aron for 3 years in the otherverse and Claire had Aron stolen from her. Here is where it gets crazy. If Claire flashed too its seems logical to me for something or someone to take Aron and all the bodies for that matter to care for them and keep them alive until they return to their bodies. And when they return this thing or person places our losties in logical spawn points to give our losties the allusion that they are experiencing something linear. The MIB was right when he corrected Sawyer who called otherville home because the only place home exists... is in their heads. The man in blac! k knows this more than anyone else. Could the man in black be ! the one who assists the others in their experiments. Maybe the MIB is tired of playing their games. Dark City anyone?


Dr. Schreber: I call them the Strangers. They abducted us and brought us here. This city, everyone in it... is their experiment. They mix and match our memories as they see fit, trying to divine what makes us unique. One day, a man might be an inspector. The next, someone entirely different. When they want to study a murderer, for instance, they simply imprint one of their citizens with a new personality. Arrange a family for him, friends, an entire history... even a lost wallet. Then they observe the results. Will a man, given the history of a killer, continue in that vein? Or are we, in fact, more than the sum of our memories

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