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This is a spin of an earlier theory of mine from today entitled "If the Island was the Prison, What's with the Cabin?" Check the comments out there if you need a primer, but it's not necessary.

Let's just start with 3 ideas and the rest will straight forward.

1. Christian is still a mysterious character. (If you've bought that all Christian appearances on island were simply MIB, then you won't care for the rest, but peraps I can get you to enlighten me)
2. The cabin is still SUPER mysterious.
3. The ash surrounding the cabin was meant to keep MIB out, not in. Thus something/someone within the cabin was being protected.

Here we go.

1. Jacob uses the Lighthouse to spy on Candidates. I propose he also uses the Lighthouse to leave the island. In the same way the images appear in the mirror from a great distance, he can use the mirror in reverse to reflect himself into the real world.
2. While appearing in the real world, Jacob's essense still remains on the island. His spirit. It stays at the lighthouse so that he can connect right back to it and return.

stay with me

3. Because of his spirit remaining within the Lighthouse, it is vulnerable, and that it is why he made it difficult to find the Lighthouse, so that MIB or others couldn't attack him while his body was elsewhere.
4. Christian was actually on the island sometime up until the early 70's. He's connected to the island in some way, and I'll propose some theories at the bottom on that. At the start of the 70's however, he was a part of Jacob's plan and was sent off Island via the Lighthouse in order to father Jack. This makes Jack uber important.
5. Since he used the Lighthouse his spirit was left on Island as well, and to prevent it from being attacked Jacob had to secure it.
6. It was also in the early 70's when Horace built his Cabin, and Jacob claimed it for himself as a secret location to store Christian's spirit. This explains the ghostly image in the cabin.
7. Part of the plan was for Christian to guide his son to the island, which he did, and also for him to die in the process. The death was 2 fold in purpose as it allowed his dead body to reclaim its on island spirit once it returned, and obviously to get Jack on flight 815.
8. Once the body returned, his spirt was reclaimed and Christian opened and left the coffin, hence why he wasn't in it. He did return and use the Cabain as a sort of base of operations until the time was right to act.
9. Christian's ultimate purpose, is to fullfill Jacob's goal of demonstrating that Jack is The Candidate. I've stated this many times now that I can't conceive that the show doesn't put a resolution to Jack's daddy issues which have been such a major part of his character, and doing so would have to mean a face to face meeting with the real Christian.
10. Whatever resolution is met here, it will prove Jacob right, as Jack will do the right thing, and I don't know where it goes from there. Perhaps MIB will be rendered powerless. I'm not sure.

Side notes: Richard also used the Lighthouse to leave the Island back in the 50's to test young Locke. Remember there was no sub.

Christian could actually be one of a few people we know. A Hanso perhaps.

It may even be that Christian is far older than we know and was MIB's original body, perhaps stolen, or more appropriately, seperated from MIB's spirit, as the body was prevented from being corrupted by the darkness, thus christian is good and his remaining soul is not.

Christian in my view is likely a 3rd entity all together however, the father perhaps of Jacob & MIB? We do suspect the Shephard line is very important.

In order to enhance our understanding of how bad MIB is, his deterimental effect will not be shown on Island, but rather, in the ALT. This allows the writers to really go all out, showing how catastrophic releasing him was, without having to fix that problem in the main story. Thus we'll understand why he needs to be defeated in the island storyline without having to suffer his negative impacts there.

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