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The Source of the Whispers is... by Boo

I had this creepy thought that involves the flash sideways timeline that I just had to share.

Assuming that the flash sideways timeline is actually happening concurrent with the island timeline and that the two resolve at some point, possibly by merging, what happens to the people and things that once existed in the alternate timeline? Do they simply cease to exist or are they somehow merged into the "real" island timeline? Perhaps that's part of one of LOST's great mysteries?

What if those whispers that we hear at critical points during the series that were once associated with the Others are actually the voices of the orphaned timeline untethered from reality stuck in limbo on the island? This also assumes that the island has some connection to the realm of the dead or ghost world.

This would mean that Jack's son that could have been is one of those voices. Creepy, no?

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